How your postcode predicts your health and life expectancy

VicHealth has recently launched a new webpage - "How your postcode predicts your health and life expectancy"

With the production of this page VicHealth hopes to become a source of information for stakeholders and the general public on how our lived environments, and in particular our planning regulations, impact health outcomes.

The infrastructure of our communities is critical for our health. However, the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Vic) (Planning act) does not currently include the provision for the promotion of health within its objectives. This gives developers and business alike the unchecked ability to prioritise profit over the health of Victorians.

VicHealth believes that the Planning Act, regulations and broader framework are due for an update and should enable communities to be built in a way that promotes the health and wellbeing of all Victorians. Victorians deserve to live in environments that support their health and wellbeing - for example by delivering walkable communities, safe active transport options, close access to green space, shade and healthy fresh food. This would be a crucial step to ensuring all Victorians can be healthy regardless of their postcode, bank balance or background.

Read more on the VicHealth webpage here


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