Degrowth in Australia and around the world: are we making progress? – Degrowth Week Australia

Date: Monday, July 10, 2023
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm (AEST, Brisbane time)
Location: Online (via Zoom)
Degrowth23 | webinars 2023

Speakers: Anitra Nelson (Scholar & Author) & Dr Sabrina Chakori (The University of Queensland)
Moderator: Anisa Rogers (DNA)

Join the New Economy Network Australia (NENA) and Degrowth Network Australia (DNA) for "Degrowth Week", which features webinars and discussions about what degrowth is, why we need it, and how we can keep moving towards it.

What is Degrowth?

We live in a time of ecological and climate crises, as well as increasing levels of inequality and stress. There are many people and groups that are working to mitigate and transform these problems, and this week of webinars will bring many of them together to discuss how their strategies and tactics are part of the global and Australian degrowth movement.

"Degrowth" refers to a set of theories and a powerful, growing, social and economic movement - that critique the paradigm of endless economic growth. The idea of 'degrowth' is that wealthy economies should move past growth of gross domestic product (GDP) as a goal, scale down destructive and unnecessary forms of production to reduce energy and material use, and focus economic activity around securing human needs and ecological well-being. Degrowth is a purposeful strategy to create localised, socially just and ecologically-centred societies and economies.


The Degrowth Network Australia is a place for those who want to, or are already, acting, organising and campaigning for a degrowth world. We gather locally and nationally (online) every month or so to learn from each other, share updates and discuss plans and projects. The gatherings are dynamic and open: we make them what we want and encourage everyone equally to jump in with your ideas and make things happen. For more information please contact us at

NENA is a network of organisations and individuals working to create an ecologically healthy and socially just society by transforming Australia’s economic system. NENA works by providing a platform for knowledge sharing, peer to peer support, cross-pollination of ideas and collaboration. Get in touch with us via our email at