How stories can change our world (and change our economy) – NENA Narratives Week 2022

Start date: Monday, July 18, 2022
End date: Friday, July 22, 2022
Time: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm (AEST, Brisbane time)
Location: Online (via Zoom)
webinars 2022

Humans are born storytellers. We live our lives immersed in a sea of narrative - from personal narratives about the twists and turns of our lives, to big cultural and economic narratives about what it means to live well and be human. For decades now, our economic narratives have valued growth in economic activity, competition and exploitation of nature, leading to ecological devastation and human misery. Most people have become so used to these narratives that they seem unremarkable.

But narratives can change. If our economic narratives are not serving the needs of people and planet, we need to find new ones. NENA Narratives Week explored the power of economic narratives in our lives and how we might transform those narratives to support a better future for people and planet. Through a program of daily events, we examined dominant narratives and the power they exert on our daily lives, look at the new stories that are already emerging, and identify practical actions NENA members can take to bring new economic stories to life.

See the videos from NENA Narratives Week 2022 here