Local Resilience After Fire and Flood – 2023 NENA LOCALISATION WEEK

Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2023
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm (AEST, Brisbane time)
Location: Online (via Zoom)
Localisation23 | webinars 2023

Australia has always been a continent affected by fire, flood and drought. But as the impacts of climate change escalate, and local communities are hit even harder by extreme fires and floods - how are we responding?

How are ordinary people across Australia dealing with natural disasters, and preparing for an uncertain future? Join this important discussion, as we hear about local responses, programs and strategies from around Australia, including from communities who have been hard hit by floods (in the Northern Rivers) and bushfires (in Lithgow/the Blue Mountains).



Dr Jean Renouf is a lecturer at Southern Cross University, a firefighter with Fire and Rescue NSW, the founder and Chair of the community resilience-building charity Plan C (“Our plan is the community”), the CEO of Safer Future, an online platform that helps individuals prepare for future crises from a place of deep peace, and a dad of two young boys. Before this, Dr Renouf spent 15 years working as an international aid worker in war zones and natural disasters, including Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Congo, Haiti, Iraq, North Korea, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and more. All of this informs his interest in climate action, community regeneration, resilience, and mindfulness in action. He has published several academic and non-academic papers, all focusing on catastrophic disruptions and ways forward.


Karen is leading the work of the The Maldhan Ngurr Ngurra Lithgow Transformation Hub, which is a collaborative space for community, business, government, education and industry to come together to build a vibrant and thriving future for the local Lithgow region. Karen will talk about the diverse work being carried out under a grant secured from the Bushfire Recovery Fund, which includes wildlife restoration, urban projects relating to sustainable housing and employment and more.


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