New Economy Journal

A Thank You from the Editors

Volume 1, Issue 8

December 4, 2019

By - Duncan Wallace - Jacob Debets

Piece length: 315 words

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And with that, the first year of the New Economy Journal is in the books. We’ve published eight issues and 86 individual pieces, managed to put together a print edition for NENA’s annual conference in Perth and built a strong foundation from which to build in 2020.

It’s been an immensely rewarding and humbling year. When NENA gave us the green light to launch NEJ in February, we quietly worried that we wouldn’t receive enough submissions to fill a full issue each month. We quickly learned that these anxieties were misplaced – with a wide range of writers, academics, artists and New Economy practitioners trusting us with their work.

More than the quantity – the quality, depth and diversity of the pieces we have had the honour of publishing has been extraordinary. From empirical policy analysis, to impassioned calls for action, profiles of activists and social-entrepreneurs, to poetry and fables. We have been struck by the clarity and vision of the contributions that landed in our inbox; it’s made our job as editors much easier than it ought to have been.

We are indebted foremost to our contributors, who have taught us about a great many new subjects and inspired and informed NEJ’s readers in equal measure. And to our theme editors and sub-editors, who have sought out, scrutinized and strengthened these pieces – thank you for your hard work and diligence.

We owe perhaps our biggest thankyous to Michelle Maloney, who had faith in us to launch the Journal (and oversaw the publication of the Ecological Economics issue in July), and to NEJ’s web-editor James Lee, who has been unfailingly patient in the face of our technological ineptitude.

We are excited to hunker down for 2020. We have some projects in the pipeline which we believe will further NENA’s vision for a new economy oriented around ecological health and social justice. Watch this space.

We’ll see you soon.

Duncan & Jacob.

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  1. Thank you, Duncan and Jacob, for your brilliant work during the first year of NEJ, for your passion, dedication, persistence, resilience and love that you put in each and every issue. The two of you made this happen. It is to us to say a BIG thank you to you.

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