New Economy Journal

Five point 8

Volume 1, Issue 8

By - Scotty Foster

Piece length: 286 words

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Five point eight
Is the going rate
I just heard my expert mate
On the radio propose

And he said that this was great
For the future of the state
And it really would relate
To the products that I chose

So no longer must I wait
Here on the sidewalk with a plate
For people now will slow their gait
And take a pause

They will slowly cogitate
Now that the rate is five point eight
And with a coin they will now sate
My hunger’s cause

And so from biting on the street
Employing cardboard as a sheet
My condition now will meet
Such wondrous change

All of a sudden things to eat
Will flow like milk flows from the teat
And now these teats will grow like wheat
And cure my mange

So I may frolic indiscreet
And fling the wealth found underfeet
All tens and fifties! What a treat!
Such peace is found

Now no-one will retaliate
For everything will radiate
A perfect calm that permeates
And knows no bounds

It will mean the end of hate
For we will all dump mental freight
Our souls’ pollutions will abate
No grief, no shame!

All my neighbors I will greet
No-one will ever need to cheat
Five point eight is easy street
Upon my name!

This will so surely mend our fate
If faith is strong and never late
All doubt stuffed in an iron crate
Our souls in stock and bond

Such fervour and such heat
I just heard this moron bleat
An economist complete –
The man’s not sane

This fantasy will not create
Our mental wounds will suppurate
For ancient keys to this locked gate
Respond – stop being conned

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