Author: Simon Cole

Simon Cole
Simon has a background in behavioural sciences and has taught at universities in Japan, the U.K. and Australia. An abiding interest in politics, economics and finance morphed into disillusionment with education institutions and our systems in general. From forty five years of age he’s been debt-free and liberated from full time work. As teaching fades into the background, he flings himself into community administration advocating sustainability. This ties together threads from 1987 Adelaide where he studied Aboriginal Community Administration and joined the ALP. He’s lobbied for gay law reform and dabbled in journalism. In 1989 he moved to Brisbane where, in 2008 he co-founded the Brisbane Chapter of The Zeitgeist Movement. He’s worked with Sustainable Australia Party, Sustainable Population Australia and built a model sustainable home. He has researched intentional and sustainable communities nation-wide. He’s moulded some clever sculptures and discovered he’s happiest doing lots of different things. His passions are stronger than ever.

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