Growing a Wellbeing Economy for Australia

5 - 7 November 2021

2021 is a hybrid conference – you can participate entirely online,
or join us ‘in person’ for all/any sessions, at QUT Kelvin Grove Campus, Brisbane
Brisbane - QUT Kelvin Grove, Peter Coaldrake Education Precinct (E Block), Level 5



Program - available 20 September

Side Events - details soon

Venue - QUT Kelvin Grove, Peter Coaldrake Education Precinct (E Block), Level 5

The New Economy Network Australia (NENA) is pleased to be hosting our 6th Annual Conference from 5 – 7 November 2021.

Around the world, civil society groups and many governments and businesses, are searching for new economic systems and social initiatives that can address social injustice, respond to climate change and the growing ecological crisis while ensuring people have happy, secure, thriving communities. Amidst the growing number of alternative economic concepts challenging consumer capitalism and ‘growth economics’ in the 21st Century, ‘wellbeing economics’ is gaining widespread acceptance and is being explored and implemented around the world. From New Zealand’s ‘Wellbeing Economy Budget’ to the rising popularity of ‘Doughnut Economics,’ rethinking and redefining economics is an exciting space of social change and possibility.

Join our fantastic Australian new economy network and our guest speakers from around the world, as we explore the meaning of ‘wellbeing’ and discuss ways that we can reshape our economic system, in a rapidly changing world. NENA Conferences offer a great space to share stories, experiments, project updates and research about how to build a new economy system that supports people and planet.


Program available 20 September!


More details will be available as we approach the 2021 NENA Conference.

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Proposals can take the following presentation formats:
  • Academic papers (15 minutes)
  • Panels, peer-to-peer training sessions and workshops (50 minutes)
  • Discussion groups and yarning circles (25 or 50 minutes)
  • Performances, artistic, and experiential activities (5, 10 or 20 minutes)
  • Side events – e.g. arts activities and installations (online or in Brisbane)
Proposals should aim to relate to one (or more) of the following themes:
  1. Economics for a climate changing world – how do we create new responses in a time of crisis?
  2. Refining our understandings of ‘Wellbeing’ and ‘Quality of Life’
  3. Breathing life into theoretical ideas – experimentation, innovation and creation
  4. Rethinking value – economics that care for nature and the wider Earth community
  5. Decolonising the Australian economy – what does an Indigenous-led economic system look like?
  6. Building localisation, thriving communities and social justice
  7. Reforming the ‘old economy’ – new ways of shaping government, business and society for the 21st Century
  8. More-than-human and post-anthropocentric approaches to economics and related fields of research and practice
  9. The nexus between new economic models and new democratic participation frameworks – where are the intersections, where are the tensions?
  10. New governance models, participatory decision-making and community engagement, and institutional frameworks to support transitioning to a new economy
  11. Community activism and advocacy to expedite embracing a new economy
  12. (other?)

For more information or any inquiries, please email: