East Gippsland Symposium – Speakers & Presentations

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Day 1

Doughnut Economics and the New Economy
- Dr Michelle Maloney, NENA and AELA
presentation PDF

Redefining A Healthy Economy: Understanding Growth, Degrowth and Sustainability
- Sam Alexander, Melbourne University
presentation PDF

Local environment and local economy
- Jack Whadcoat

Emerald Link
- Ed Hill
presentation PDF

Social Enterprise Development: Bairnsdale Recycling and Tip Shop
- Sally Kendall and Ro Gooch
presentation PDF

Farm Forestry and sustainable agriculture
- Matt Stephenson
presentation PDF

FLOAT: Small Town Transformations
- Andrea Lane
presentation PDF

Community Energy Initiatives and Solar Battery Technology 
- Darren McCubbin
presentation PDF

Knowing place: the role of integrated ecosystem assessment in building knowledge
- Jess Reeves
presentation PDF

Day 2

Creating Cooperative Economies
- Antony McMullen, Co-Founder & Director of Cooperative Bonds
presentation PDF

Building a circular economy
- Steven Liaros and Nilmini De Silva, PolisPlan
presentation PDF

The GreenPrints approach to regenerative economies
- Michelle Maloney
presentation PDF

A positive case study in investing in local cooperatives: the development of the Organic & Regenerative Investment Cooperative (ORICOOP)
- Carolyn Suggate

Pre-Power Cooperatives: local ways to raise capital
- Kevin Cox
presentation PDF

Canberra Coop - creating a cooperative farming enterprise
- Scotty Foster
presentation PDF