Conference Marketplace

BrisLETS and Community Exchange System Australia will be showcasing the amazing goods and services we have on offer in our cashless trading community.

How to get to get involved?

  • Join your local cashless trading groups (details below)
  • Come to the market on Sat 2nd
  • Shop at the market with local currency
  • Earn local currency later by offering skills you enjoy

Healing Tent: 9am - 5pm

Healing treatments such as massage, reflexology, biofield tuning, and psychic readings will be on offer all day.  To find out more, go to: and to see the schedule of healing treatments on offer click here.

Book a healing treatment by clicking here.

Free entertainment & workshops: 12pm - 5pm

We have a great line up of entertainment including Kate Barzdo Chanting & Heartsongs, Daylight Moon duo, Jeff Turpin circus, Des Reid and Borodino. Free workshops on offer yoga, comedy yoga, meditation, hips & spine exercises and beekeeping.

Please see the Entertainment & workshops program below.

Market: 1pm - 4:30pm

No money required - shop with LETS units. There will be an assortment of beautiful goods available. BrisLETS members Brisbane Tool Library and Bushtekniq will join us to promote their tool sharing and bush regeneration projects.

Find out how to shop with local currency by clicking here.

Joining a group

Brisbane locals can join BrisLETS - details can be found at

People coming from out of town can check out the list of groups to find their nearest community exchange. There’s even a group called "Anywhere in Australia" for those without a local group.

Before you sign you’ll need to think of a couple things you’d like to offer. Adelaide LETS have a great ‘Inspiration List' to help you think of what you might enjoy offering.

When your account is approved you’ll be given a member number and password to access the online trading post of offers and wants in our worldwide network.

How do I pay?

When you use a service, or buy something through the Community Exchange System the member you’re trading with would normally charge you account. It’s like an online bank transfer. You get a notification about the the charge. If there are any issues with the charge it can be fixed up by the trader, or the admin for your group.

Shopping with paper units

In order to make shopping easier at the market day we will be issuing paper notes at the registration desk. You can ‘buy' paper units with a debit from your trading account. At the end of the day you can return surplus paper units today for a credit to your account.

Can I spend first and earn later?

Yes! You can start trading immediately to buy and sell goods and services with local currency. We don’t care if you earn or spend first.  If you spend first - that's simply a commitment to find ways to contribute your skills. We are looking forward to brainstorming with you for possible ways you can earn.

Other questions?

Please don't hesitate to ask us more about this practical and popular way to experience the new economy. Questions are most welcome on Community Exchange System Facebook page: