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Conference Program 2021


DATEEVENT - all times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)/Queensland time



6pm-8pm - Building the Wellbeing Economy: Stories from the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) from around the World
  • Katherine TREBECK, WEAll International
  • Ana GOMEZ, WEAll International and WEAll Spain
  • Jimmy PAUL, WEAll Scotland
  • Paul DALZIEL, WeAll New Zealand
  • Seán Ó CONLAIN, WeALL Ireland
  • Jeremy FACKENTHAL, WEAll California


12.15pm-2pm - Rethinking Value in a Wellbeing Economy - facilitated by Dr Michelle Maloney, NENA
  • Barry HUNTER, Aboriginal Carbon Foundation
  • Mike SALVARIS, Australian National Development Index
  • Selar HENDERSON, Regenerative Finance
6-8pm - People Need People online session (Warm Data Lab)Warm Data Hosts from around the world, including NENA member Fiona BROOKS


12.15pm-2pm - First Nations Peoples' Perspectives - what should a wellbeing economy look like and how can we create it in Australia?Regenerative Songlines Australia - Guest speakers:

  • Mary GRAHAM, Kombu-merri and Waka Waka peoples
  • Ross WILLIAMS, Bindal/Juru peoples
  • Tyson YUNKAPORTA, Apalech Clan
6pm-7.30pm - What does localization mean for Australia? Lessons from Around the WorldHelena NORBERG HODGE, Local Futures/Economics of Happiness


9.15am - 10.15am - NENA Citizen’s Assembly: Job Guarantee vs Universal Basic IncomeSelvin KWONG & Angela DENNIS (50 mins)
1pm - 2.30pm - Doughnut Economics and the Greenprints approach: showcasing Regen Brisbane
  • Michelle MALONEY
  • Mary GRAHAM
  • Marcus FOTH
  • Delwyn JONES & Mary-Lou KELLY
 4pm to 5.30pm –Guided nature therapy as ‘self-care’ for our greater Earth-selves - online guided workshopJay RIDGEWELL
FRIDAY 5 NOV (hybrid)See the detailed program belowSEE PROGRAM BELOW
SATURDAY 6 NOV (hybrid)See the detailed program belowSEE PROGRAM BELOW
SUNDAY 7 NOV (hybrid)See the detailed program belowSEE PROGRAM BELOW


NENA Conference: 'Growing a Wellbeing Economy for Australia'

DAY 1 - Friday 5th November 2021

** ALL TIMES ARE AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane)


Acknowledgement of Country

Welcome to the Conference – Michelle Maloney (NENA/AELA) and Marcus Foth (QUT)

9.30Is it possible for Australia to create a wellbeing economy?
Richard DENNIS, Australia Institute
10.10Ancient Wisdom, New EconomiesFrank BUSCH, NationFUND; Laurie PERRY, Carol Anne HILTON, Anne POELINA, Janene YAZZI, David ISAAC & Tracey COOPER, The Valley Centre

Panel Discussion (50 min)


Morning Tea

11.30What does a post-growth, post-extractivist, wellbeing economy look like?

Morag GAMBLE, Nick ROSE, Jose RAMOS & Anisa (IMARC) - facilitated by Michelle MALONEY





Session 1 (50 min)

1.1 Changing the story
1.2 Climate and systems change
1.3 The role of government
1.4 Rethinking value
Changing the story: launching the NENA Narratives Festival 2022 - Chris RIEDY and the NENA Narratives Hub (50 min workshop)


Building a unified national agreement for Australia’s climate responseJanet SALISBURY & Rhian WILLIAMS (50 min workshop)A tax shift for our future - Emily SIMS (50 min workshop)Global Perpetual Fund & financial support for women - Moira WERE (25 min)

Shared equity in housing, energy, EV transport, co-working & food – Jason LASKY (25 min)


Session 2 (50 min)

2.1 Changing the story
2.2 Climate and systems change
2.3 The role of government
2.4 Rethinking value
Writing the language of the future: stories and narratives - Sue STACK (50 min workshop)Resistance to injustice - Direct ActionAnisa ROGERS & El CARTER and Will ROSS (50 min workshop)



The role of government and the public sector in a wellbeing economy - Clare MULLEN, Alison DALZIEL, Shelley BOWEN, Thea SNOW & Tarun WEERAMANTHRI (50 min panel)Understanding Value & Challenging GDPMatthew WASHINGTON (15 mins)

Ecosystem services and natural capital - Andrew BUCKWELL (15 mins)


Afternoon tea


Session 3 (50 min)

3.1 Food systems
3.2 Climate and systems change
3.3 Work & Employment
3.4 Rethinking value
Circular Food Futures: What will they look like? - Steven LIAROS (15 min)

Agriculture in a wellbeing economy - Michelle MILLER – (25 min discussion)

Living Lightly Locally: Smarter and Stronger Through Citizen ScienceKeri CHIVERALLS (15 mins)

Find your role in the climate revolution - Mik AIDT (25 min discussion)

Workplace wellbeing - Kate RINGVALL (50 min workshop)Rewilding Accounting Education - Lisa POWELL (15 min)

Synergestic Accounting - Christine MCDOUGALL (25 min)


Session 4 (50 min)

4.1 Food Systems
4.2 Climate and environment
4.3 Open source digital governance
4.4 Rethinking value
Fair Food Futures for SEQ - Share your views! - Kiah SMITH (50 min workshop)



Plastic Free JulyLizz HILLS (45 mins workshop)


Decentralised Autonomous Organisations - Alexar PENDASHTEH, Anouk PINCHETTI, Akasha ROSE & David BOVILL (50 min workshop)Can valuing wellbeing create a brighter future? - Min SETO (50 min workshop)


NENA Conference - 'Growing a Wellbeing Economy for Australia'

DAY 2 - Saturday 6th November 2021

** ALL TIMES ARE AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane)


Welcome back to the Conference

Michelle Maloney (NENA/AELA) and Marcus Foth (QUT)

9.30amCreating Wellbeing Economy Budgets in Australia

Hosted by Mike SALVARIS, Australian National Development Index (ANDI) - with:

  • Santo DeMaio,  VicHealth - integrating wellbeing into government
  • Kristin Blume, ACT Wellbeing framework/budget team
  • Chris Twomey, WACOSS, WA Wellbeing budget
  • Felicia Huppert, Sydney Uni
  • Toby Phillips, Centre for Policy Development

(50 min panel)


Morning Tea

11.00The Regen Movement: City, Regional and National Initiatives

(50 min panel)




Session 5 (60 min)

5.1 Education
5.2 Addressing Climate change
5.3 Housing & Human Settlements
5.4 Rethinking value
Learning for a wellbeing economyMonique POTTS (15 mins)

University of the Third Age - Martin GELLENDER (15 mins)

The Steady State Economy for Year 9 and 10 Science ClassesPhil JONES (25 mins)

Build Your Own Individual Climate Action Plan - Kim CHATTERJEE, Binu ARORA, Supriya PERERA & Bernadette MURPHY (50 min workshop)


The creation of a National Housing Strategy - a workshop to share your input - Elena PEREYA and Emily SIMS (50 min panel)Using Regenerative Capital Management to support new Villages and Regenerative Agriculture - Mike NEW, Steve LIAROS, Winfried SITTE, Uncle Gubil, Cristelle MAURIN & Bev KLIGER (50 minute panel)

Session 6 (40 min)

6.1 Progress in the wellbeing economy
6.2 Challenging corporate power
6.3 Transport
6.4 Building socially just economies
Plotting our progress: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) & the economy - Rosemary LEONARD & Paulo Goncalves de Oliveira (15 mins)

A vision for the wellbeing economy - Graham WOOD (15 mins)

Coal-Faced - The Australian Intellectual Property Dispute between AGL and Greenpeace: Culture-Jamming, Creative Confrontation, and Climate Activism - Matt RIMMER (15 min)

Changing corporate agendas by taking over shareholder power- (speaker to be confirmed) MARKET FORCES (15 mins)



The challenges of transition economics: Hydrogen-powered aviation as a real-world case study - Nick KELLY & Levi SWANN (15 mins)

Building sustainable transport in Australian cities - speaker to be confirmed


The Deep Place method: for localised social and climate justice - David ADAMSON – 15 min

A new governance and economic model in practice: Rojava’s Social and Solidarity Economy - Helena GRUNFELD & Fionn SKIOTIS (15 mins)




Session 7 (50 min)

7.1 Connecting
7.2 Challenging corporate power
7.3 Housing & Human Settlements
7.4 Rethinking value
Connection through Authentic Relating - Aleesha RODRIGUEZ (50 min workshop)How to make meaningful change and avoid greenwashing - Anisa ROGERS, El CARTER and Will ROSS (50 min workshop)Collaborative Housing - Andrew MCLEAN and Clare OGDEN (50 min PANEL)MacroEco: Reframing Currency for a Post-Extractivist World - JP PARKER & Anouk PINCHETTI(50 min workshop)



Afternoon tea


Session 8 (50 mins)

8.1 Health
8.2 Property and the commons
8.3 Housing & Human Settlements
8.4 Rethinking finance and value
Design Justice and Community Co-design - Jorn BETTIN & Pete RIVE (50 min workshop)Reclaiming the Commons - Gary FLOMENHOFT (15 min)

Peak Property - Real Estate or an Unreal State? - Michael MURRAY (25 min discussion)

Innovative human settlements - Steven LIAROS & Marcus FOTH (15 mins)

Smart cities and citizens spatial privacy - Robert RATTLE (15 mins)


Banking and finance as the key to creating a New Economy - Gavin TANG (15 mins)

Changing from price to value, mutual benefit - Kevin COX (25 min discussion)


Session 9

9.1 Health
9.2 Participation and democracy
9.3 Smart Governance
9.4 Rethinking our financial system
Community-supported herbalism and cooperative models of healthcare - Kerrie OAKES, brought to you by the NENA Health & Wellbeing Hub (50 min workshop)


Public initiated participation model - Becky HIRST (45 min)Smart urban governance for more than human - Hira SHEIKH, Marcus FOTH & Peta MITCHELL (50 min workshop)Using a community bank to forge a New Economy - Gavin TANG (50 min workshop)


NENA Conference - 'Growing a Wellbeing Economy for Australia'

DAY 3 – Sunday 7th November 2021

** ALL TIMES ARE AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane)

7:45am-9.15Guided nature therapy as ‘self-care’ for our greater Earth-selves - Jay RIDGEWELL** in person in Brisbane ONLY  **
experience is part of the conference ticket - once you've registered, please express interest in joining the group as numbers are limited
9.50amWelcome back to the Conference – Kira MAY (NENA/AELA) and Marcus FOTH (QUT)



Session 10 (65 mins)

10.1 Breathing life into new ideas
10.2 Circular Economy
10.3 Work and Labour
10.4 Supporting wellbeing
Role modelling the wellbeing economy, Samuel YU, Kiran KASHYAP, Karina KALLIO, Sam WEARNE, Kimberley CROFTS & Monique POTTS (50 min)



Exploring circularity mindsets - Joanne MCNEILL (15 mins)

The Right to Repair - Matt RIMMER (15 mins)

Rethinking value with circular economy Initiatives - Judy MATTHEWS (15 min)

Opportunities to create more democratic labour processes in Australia - Caroline ALCORSO (15 min)

Generation Expendable? Older women workers in the post-pandemic economy - Myfan JORDAN (15 min)

Creative labour in new media - Guy HEALY (15 min)

Offer/Needs "Machine" – Towards a Creative Care Economy - Macy SIU, Kofi ODURO, Julie GENDRON (50 mins)

Designing for the Aristotelian concept of Eudaemonia as an Approach to Well-Being - Jenna MIKUS (15 min)



Morning Tea


Session 11

11.1 Permaculture in the Wellbeing Economy
11.2 Circular Economy
11.3 Cosmolocalisation
11.4 Beyond the material aspects of the wellbeing economy
Planetarian [Pr]activism with Permaculture - Morag GAMBLE (50 min workshop)The circulist operating model - Nick GONIOS (50 min workshop)Launch of the Cosmolocal Reader with Jose RAMOS
(50 min workshop)
Vita Spiritual: Aligning our spirituality to nature - Guy LANE (50 min workshop)



Session 12 (50 mins)

12.1 Place and localisation
12.2 Modern Monetary Theory
12.3 The importance of arts and creativity
12.4 Stories and healing
Place as a dimension of localisation - Eloise TELFORD (50 min workshop)Modern Monetary Theory – possibilities and limitations for a wellbeing economy - Selvin KWONG & Jason VAN TOL (50 min workshop)Reset: Art and Culture in the New Economy - Justin O’CONNOR, Tully BARNETT & Julian MEYRICK (50 min panel)


Guidance from Ancient Feminine Lineage: Narratives and Stories - Megan WARD (25 mins)

Session 13 (50 mins)

13.1 Place and localisation
13.2 MMT
13.3 Offers and Needs for the network
13.4 Mindfulness

Cultural Transformation & The Well-Being Economy Breakthrough Measures for Regenerative Development - Edward QUEVEDO & Holger HAMPF (50 min panel)

The new economics of sustainable prosperity- Steven HAIL (25 min presentation)Offers and Needs Session for NENALizz HILLS (50 mins)“Body Talk” – what does living feel likeStephane DALE (25 min)

Mindfulness to beat procrastination - Irena BEE (25 min)


Afternoon Tea


Building the network

  • Your chance to provide feedback about the NENA Strategy for a Wellbeing Economy (30 mins – update and ways for people to comment and update strategy) - Michelle MALONEY, Rhiannon HARDWICK and the NENA Strategic Directions Group (30 min discussion session)
  • Next steps: taking action within and across our communities Eleanor GLENN (30 min workshop)